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Specialty Products

Products to maximize your Plant Health Care program.

Anti-Transpirant WEB.jpg

Nu-Arbor Anti-Transpirant

NU-ARBOR Anti-Transpirant is a unique water based, hydrophilic polymer that reduces transpiration (water loss) and sun scald in plants. NU-ARBOR Anti-Transpirant is pH neutral, non-toxic and easy to apply​​.

  • Unparalleled protection against moisture loss

  • Prevents winter kill on evergreen plants

  • Forms a semi-permeable membrane over plant tissue

  • Reduce moisture loss from plants


Spray Adjuvant 2 WEB.jpg

Nu-Arbor Spray Adjuvant

NU-ARBOR Spray Adjuvant is a superior oil-based encapsulating agent that allows users to reduce pesticide use by as much as 50 percent.

  • Emulsifiable Soybean Oil Spreader Sticker

  • Formulated to maximize pesticide performance

  • Increases droplet deposition, spread, coverage and uptake

  • Maintains uniform droplet size

  • Reduces pesticide spray drift

  • Rainfast within minutes of application

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable

  • Compatible with most chemicals

Plant and Tree Wash WEB.jpg

Nu-Arbor Plant and Tree Wash

NU-ARBOR Plant Wash is a natural vegetable oil soap product This product leaves no harmful residues or toxic smells

  • Vegetable Oil Horticultural Soap Product

  • Very stable in storage

  • Mixes readily with water

  • Use in all types of sprayers

  • No residue tolerance

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